Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.


Teaching is a key mission of every academic institution and I feel very passionately about sharing my expertise with the next generation of students and researchers. Sharing the diverse topics I learned as a researcher is a very fulfilling opportunity that enables me to give back to the academic community. My teaching style was inspired by the very passionate teachers I was fortunate to have had during my undergraduate years at the University of Vienna, during which I absorbed the fundamentals of Physics and Mathematics.
I have co-taught two courses at Stanford University that gave me the opportunity to interact with both undergraduate and graduate students. It had a significant impact on my ability of explaining complicated concepts in an understandable and illustrative way. This experience fully ignited my passion for teaching.

  • Structure and Properties of Materials (2020, TU Delft, Bachelor Molecular Science & Technology)
    Taught a guest lecture on Symmetry of (Liquid) Crystals, including an interactive Python tutorial to effectively explain to students what Monte Carlo simulations are and how it can be used to study phase transformations in liquid crystals. The tutorial is available here.
    Liquic Crystal Phases
  • ME420 Advanced Electrochemistry (2019, Stanford University, with Prof. R. Fasching)
    I conceptualized and taught an interactive tutorial on how to use Density Functional Theory (DFT) facilitated by easy to follow Python code to undergraduate and graduate students. The interactive, hands-on tutorial is available online (open source, at peterschindler.github.io) and enables student to run basic DFT calculations without needing to install any software on their computer.
    DFT Overview
  • EE216 Semiconductor Device Physics (2018, Stanford University, with Profs. R. T. Howe and E. Pop)
    Modernized the presentation slides of the course and taught semiconductor fundamentals to undergraduate and graduate students.
    Direct/Indirect Bandgap Illustration
  • Teaching Certificate from the Stanford Scientific Teaching Summer Institute 2018
    Learned about how to employ active learning techniques, how to effectively engage students, how to get teaching feedback and assessment, how to tackle common misconceptions, and how to facilitate diversity & inclusion in the classroom.
    DFT Overview
If you are interested in the subject matter of these courses or my teaching in general, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to talking about these exciting topics! Also, I am continuously searching for opportunities to teach courses to expand my portfolio.