Symmetry of (Liquid) Crystals

This page contains all links and interactive parts accompanying the lecture “Symmetry of (Liquid) Crystals” as part of the 2nd year B.Sc. Molecular Science & technology course “Structure and Properties of Materials”.

Interactive Surveys

For interactive purposes, please open this website where you can participate in answering questions:

Information on Quasicrystals

Youtube Video: The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats (Veritasium)
Interactive Moire pattern of two overlapping Penrose tilings

Interactive Python Notebook

Monte Carlo Simulation of Liquid Crystal

We will be using Google’s Colab service to make it easy to follow along. No need to install Python locally - you only need a browser. Our code will be running in a Jupyter notebook using Google’s resources.
To access a Python notebook just follow the link below and then click on ‘File’ > ‘Save a copy in Drive…’

Colab Python Notebook

Colab instructions

Once you have copied the notebook to your Google Drive you can edit, execute and work on it.


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