Openings at the D2R2 Group

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Doctoral and Postdoctoral Positions

Currently, there are no funded open positions at the Data-Driven Renewables Research (D2R2) group at Northeastern University (Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering) but feel free to reach out to me regardless to discuss future opportunities.
I am searching for two Graduate Research Assistants (Fall 2023) and one Postdoctoral Researcher (posting). [filled]

Our research is focused on the discovery of novel materials for renewable energy applications using high-throughput, ab-initio calculations, and data-driven materials property predictions. Further information on our research can be found here.

If your background is in computational materials science (or computational chemistry, solid state physics, or similar field) and you are interested in the research described above, please send me an email with your CV and brief description of your background and research interests.

Undergraduate Projects, Co-Ops, and Internships

Undergraduate students from Northeastern University interested in computational chemistry/materials science are always welcome to contact me and we can establish undergraduate research projects under my supervision.

Also, I have strong connections to start-ups in the renewable energy sector and materials informatics and I can help to connect undergraduates to Co-Op or internship opportunities. Reach out if that sounds interesting to you.

Visiting Researchers and Fellows

Visiting researchers and researchers with a fellowship are always welcome to reach out to me to discuss the opportunity to work on a project together.