Apart from research and teaching I also enjoy designing websites, logos, and text-layout/infographics. This hobby also comes handy when designing graphics for publications or cover art. Here is a selection of some of my designs:

Scientific Illustrations

ACS Energy Letters Cover Journal cover art in ACS Energy Letters
Work Function comic Comic to illustrate the concept of the work function of a material (featured in a blog post of OSTA).
Thermionic Energy Converter 3D animation of a thermionic energy converter
7 Curie Groups 3D illustration of the 7 Curie Groups (limiting point groups)


Website of Prof. Torgersen Research group website of my collaborator Prof. Jan Torgersen
Jinetics Website Website of former colleague of mine, Dr. John Xu (CEO of Jinetics)


Aligned Carbon Logo Logo of Aligned Carbon (CEO, Prof. J Provine)
SystemX Alliance logo submission Logo-submission for SystemX Alliance (not chosen)
Logo for website of Prof. Torgersen Logo for website of Prof. Jan Torgersen
Logo for Jinetics Website Logo for Jinetics website

Infographics / Layout / Other

Spanish verb grammar Tenses and verbs in Spanish. PDFs can be downloaded here (Spain), here (Argentina, reduced), and here (Spain, reduced).
The provinces of Argentina (with flags) Infographic of the provinces of Argentina and their flags. PDF can be downloaded here.
Invitation Sponsion Invitation to my Master's graduation (German: "Sponsion"). PDF available here.
Invitation Promotion Invitation to my Ph.D. graduation (German: "Promotion"). PDF available here.